Are decentralized exchanges the future?

The crypto world is going through a crucial moment in its development. After years of timid progress, the decentralized finance sector (DeFi) is finally experiencing a boom period. As more users are interested in them, and invest their capital in them. For this reason, it is worth asking ourselves whether DeFi projects, such as decentralized exchanges, are the future. This idea was suggested by Ivan Poon at the Indonesia Blockchain Week.

Which are the 5 most capitalized DeFi projects?

The moment of the DeFi
Despite not being something new, the DeFi had not had until now the prominence that they have enjoyed in recent weeks. Which makes sense, considering that it wasn’t until this year 2020 that we could start talking about the crypto market as an integrated whole. It has a sufficiently solid infrastructure to allow decentralized Bitcoin Lifestyle finance projects to be developed successfully.

Thus, only in the last few months, the size of the DeFi market has increased exponentially, both in market capitalization and in transaction volume. As Ivan Poon explained during his presentation.